Frequently asked questions

Are Digital Magazines free?

Some magazine apps are free, but most are not. In Apple’s App Store almost all of the magazine apps say that they are free, but this is the ‘container’ or ‘shell app’ – the actual magazine is sold as an ‘in-app purchase’.  However, there are often free samples and free trials of magazines on offer.  A list of really free magazines can be found here

How do I get my digital magazine on Magvault?

To date we have not charged for inclusion on Magvault. However from October 1st 2015 we have decided to implement a £9.99 per month charge for new listings.

In addition we are launching Magvault 'partnerships' for £25 per month (min 3 months) which will include additional promotional elements, such as...

  • Run of site advertising banners and side column ads linking to your Magvault page
  • Mentions in tweets and other channels from our highly active social media team
  • An additional link to a 'publisher direct' web page where you sell your magazine outside the appstores
  • Eligibility for a 'Special Magvault Offer' where we create a dedicated landing page for you – see this example that we created for BJP

If you would like to be listed or re-listed on this basis please send us an email to including the following information:

  • Magazine title and publisher
  • Appstore links for your title
  • Link to any promotional video
  • Link to any special offers eg. a digital subscription direct from the publisher

and we'll start getting you discovered!

Do I get a digital issue with my print subscription?

In most cases you do not get a digital issue with your subscription, and if you do, the publisher has probably made some effort to tell you. We are hoping that publishers start to package 'Print and Digital' issues as a matter of course.  Always check the 'Special Offers' tab on the Magvault pages as that will lead to the best deals direct from the publisher.

I only have a 16GB iPad or iPhone. Will digital magazines use up all my memory?

If you archive your back issues this should not be a problem. Publishers realise that memory is a concern so back issues of magazines are normally ‘auto archived’ so that they do not take up unnecessary space on your tablet or smartphone.  As with Movies, iTunes will store your purchased magazines for you so that you can download them again whenever you want them.  When they ask if you want to ‘restore’ purchases they are asking if you want to access older copies that you have purchased.

I want a free trial but I am being asked to pay money. Do I have to pay first?

As with many free trials you have to enter your credit card details first and then cancel the free trial within a set period – normally 30 days.  With iTunes, Amazon and Android appstores they may already have a credit card on account and so you only need to enter your iTunes password for example.  You can cancel your free trial anytime after you have downloaded the magazine.  For information on how to cancel subscriptions see below

Apple (iPad and iPhone) - or watch

Android tablets and smartphones using Google Play -

Amazon Kindle Fire -

Nook – Go to "My Account", then scroll down to "Digital Management" and click on "Manage Subscriptions".

I want to show my digital magazine to a friend - how can I do this?

Unlike print magazines you can't just go handing them out to friends or the local Doctor's surgery once you've finished with them.  At least not yet.  

What you can do with many magazines is share articles as you would with a web page, a tweet or a Facebook post.  This feature is often available in magazines that look like straight-forward copies of print magazines (we call them 'PDF replicas').  Look out for sharing buttons. Also, random tapping on the edge of touch screens when reading digital mags often reveals features that you never knew were there!

I applied for a free trial of a magazine on my iPad or iPhone, but I have had an email saying my iTunes account has been charged.

In the email from iTunes there is a link that says ‘Report a Problem’. Click on this link and choose ‘I did not authorize this purchase’ as the subject.  Write them a quick email or copy and paste the text below and they should organise a refund straight away.

Suggested email: ‘I subscribed to xxxx publication as it said that to get a free trial you had to subscribe. Once I subscribed there was no mention of a free trial and I received an email to say that I had been charged. Please refund me the subscription. Thank you.’

What is auto-renewal?

Auto renewal is a setting in iTunes that means a subscription will continue unless you tell it not to.  It is advisable to familiarise yourself with how you turn-off auto renewal when you start subscribing to digital magazines or you may get a nasty surprise that will not please you and may not endear you to a particular magazine or publisher.  To understand how auto renewals work  see

The magazine is taking a long time to download. Is this normal?

Yes, it's normal - particularly if you are on a slow wifi connection or relying on a mobile data signal.  Some digital magazines are as large as 500MB (half a Gigabyte) so are not designed to be downloaded on the go.  Most magazines will allow you to pause a download and resume it later so that you can do something else with your tablet or leave the house.

If you set your apps to download automatically on an iPhone or iPad (Settings:iTunes and App Store:Automatic Downloads:Apps) then the latest edition of magazine and newspaper apps that you have subscribed to should be there ready for you to read.  Make sure that your device has over 50% charge as the automatic download may not happen in battery saving mode.

If I buy a magazine for my iPad can I see it on my iPhone?

Many magazines are available on both iPad and iPhone and if you buy for one device then it will normally work on the other. If there is a ‘+’ in front of the FREE box in the app this means that the app will work on both iPad and iPhone.