About Magvault

Magvault contains over 6,500 digital magazines including free, paid for, consumer, trade and professional titles. Have a browse – you'll be amazed what is available on your tablet or smartphone.

The vast majority of the magazines are in English and are published for the US, UK, Canadian and Australian market. We are planning to add all digital magazines worldwide but don't want to make the site too unwieldy – something that Apple Newsstand suffered from.

However we are adding magazines all the time. For example we have started to add a number of Spanish titles, free European digital apps and multi-lingual magazines that aim at a very international market.

Helping digital mags get discovered

Magvault has pioneered discoverability for digital magazines. Here are our top ten tips for getting your magazine discovered – http://bit.ly/MagvaultTips.

Magvault organised a number of working groups in 2015 to discuss best practices in Discoverability and Conversion as part of a PPA initiative in the UK. Magvault's Neil Morgan presented the findings at the PPA Festival – watch a video of his presentation here - http://bit.ly/DiscoVideo.

How much does it cost to be on Magvault?

To date we have not charged for inclusion on Magvault. However from October 1st 2015 we have decided to implement a £9.99 per month charge for new listings.

In addition we are launching Magvault 'partnerships' for £25 per month (min 3 months) which will include additional promotional elements, such as …

  • Run of site advertising banners and side column ads linking to your Magvault page
  • Mentions in tweets and other channels from our highly active social media team
  • An additional link to a 'publisher direct' web page where you sell your magazine outside the appstores
  • Eligibility for a 'Special Magvault Offer' where we create a dedicated landing page for you – see this example that we created for BJP http://inbound.magvault.com/exclusive-magvault-offer-bjp

If you would like to be listed or re-listed on this basis please send us an email to info@magvault.com and we'll start getting you discovered.